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Pick of the Month: Sketches Around Peru

I thought I’d share this small study I found at the bottom of my drawer. A series of black and white drawings which start with a very linear and architectural perspective and evolve into a loose freehand sketch. Fresh out of school I found myself traveling through South America in ancient mystic lands of far way (for a European at least). The media is pen and marker, and the subject is the indigenous people of Cusco, Peru.

Their fairly untouched culture reveals a subtle connection to the ancient lifestyle of Egypt suggesting the lands most have been joined at some point. The woman at the lake is standing on a Uros boat much like the Egyptians used long ago for transportation, at Lake Titicaca layer upon layer of dried reeds have been shaped into man made islands where they live work and play (talk about Lake-front living).

These studies although somewhat abstract show daily life in the mountainous region of Peru.

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