"Pinaster" Crystal Glassware Collection

"Pinaster" Crystal Glassware Collection

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Glassware collection with a delicate carving. Has a large Tumbler, a medium Tumbler, an Decanter and an Ice Bucket.

Elegance means balance. Balance between tradition and innovation. It is a  combination of the magic dexterity of master crystal makers with the rigorous precision of its quality control. These creations live of the harmonious fusion of unique handwork with the absolute purity of crystal with over 24% lead content.

Choosing one of his creations means choosing quality, perceiving what is behind its beauty, recognizing the style of an exclusive object capable of provoking emotions. Objects where the inherent value of the purest crystal is rendered precious by the passion of those who are devoted to making it a work of art.

Sizes:  Large Tumbler | Height: 5.71"
            Medium Tumbler | Height: 3.54" 
            Ice Bucket | Height: 5.51"
            Decanter | Height: 2.60"
            (Left to Right)

Handmade in Italy | Free Shipping | Minimum order of 2 for glasses each, Ice bucket and Decanter sold separately.
These beautiful fine pieces of Italian crystal perfection are sold separately and there is a minimum quantity of two flutes required to purchase. 

ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Takes approximately 6-8 weeks for manufacturing shipping. Earlier delivery may be possible we will inform you when your order is confirmed.

We ship worldwide.

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