Crystal Vase with 24 Carat Gold Plated Trim

Crystal Vase with 24 Carat Gold Plated Trim

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Crystal hand crafted in France. All metal is bronze in either nickel or gold plated 24 carat. According to requirements this item can be made from gilded bronze, gold plated silver, even silver or gold. Quantity of 1 with your choice of finish.

Everything starts with the slowly-evolving design, which is passed on to the crystal glass works.A wooden mold is then made, around which the desired shape will be blown by mouth, in crystal with a lead content varying between 24 and 30% depending on requirements. In the workshop, Franck Benito traces the main lines of the sculpture onto the uncut form.

The form is then milled by hand to cut out the rough design. The cutting is then refined, the patterns channeled out more and more deeply, to the very breaking point of the crystal, to bring forth the most brilliant sheen with increasingly fine polishing wheels. Once the cut is finished, it needs to be polished, either with felt polishing wheels, or in an acid bath for a very carefully monitored period.

Height: 16"   - Handmade in France | Free Shipping 

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