"Eagle" Humidor [Limited Edition]
"Eagle" Humidor [Limited Edition]

"Eagle" Humidor [Limited Edition]

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The 110 cigars marquetry cigar box  is in dyed figured Sycamore and Redgum.
It contains 2 Humidification systems and 1 Hygrometer.

The bald eagle is a species of raptors that lives in North America.
This raptor was a sacred bird in many North American cultures that used its feathers for headdresses and religious costumes. Eagles in general were considered spiritual messengers between gods and human beings.

The eagle is the national bird of the United States. It is one of the most well-known symbols of the country and appears on most official seals, including that of the American president. It was chosen on 20 June 1782 by the Continental Congress: it is represented holding arrows and an olive branch between its talons that represent war and peace. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

Size 19.09" x 10.63" x 4.13" Count: 110

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