Domino Gambling Box
Domino Gambling Box
Domino Gambling Box

Domino Gambling Box

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Precious African sycamore fig was used to make this "Domino" game box. Even the ancient Egyptians were aware of the unique quality of this wood and used it for their ships. During an elaborate procedure, the "Domino" game box is varnished with eight coats of black lacquer, producing a wonderful high gloss piano shine. Thanks to its imposing size, the exclusive surface of the "Domino" game box really comes into its own. 

The lid is designed like a domino stone. The inlay work is in mother of pearl, which shines brightly, thus creating an exciting contrast to the black of the box. Inside, you can find two games of bridge and poker, dice, 300 chips and notebooks. 

The company has handcrafted these exceptional humidors and boxes for over 30 years. Every object is manufactured in Paris and adheres to the highest standards. When they are finished, the boxes resemble miniature treasure chests.

For collectors and lovers of fine games boxes.

Box for multi-game, 4 playing card, dices and chips. Red sycamore outside Goat velvet lining

Size: 15.75" x 10.63" x 4.33"
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