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Our core purpose


Avanzato Home is committed to bring you the world’s most exquisite, unusual and exclusive objets. Explore the world of interior design -- avant-gardes -- travelers, art lovers and luxury aficionados.


Avanzato Home is an online luxury boutique platform that delivers a curated selection of luxury home accessories. Our goal is help the client create a unique space with our curated line of luxury home items that align with these three words: Home. Unusual. Exclusive.

"Home is where your story begins; it is the expression of your life’s journey."


We travel the world to find artisans, craftsmen and artists who share our value of home.

Our boutique will allow you to find one of kind objets, rare and sophisticated that have a cultivated “cachet”.



In 1999, Marie & Vincenzo Avanzato powered up their expertise and embarked on a journey to create Avanzato Design – one of South Florida’s most prestigious & exclusive interior design firm.

After years of experience in the interior design luxury market and by being commissioned most of the time to find one of a kind objets for their clients, Marie decided to launched an online boutique featuring unique luxury pieces from all over the world.

The main idea is to feature exclusive items that tell a story and have the power to make people feel special and apart from the crowd. Avanzato Home delivers the most innovative solutions, personalized atmospheres and exclusive home accent for today’s diversified lifestyles to numerous luxury spaces.

“I want my client to benefit from my expertise.” - "I am passionate about this industry and it inspired me to open my own online boutique that will allow you to find one of a kind objets, rare and sophisticated that have a cultivated cachet”. -- Marie Avanzato, owner CEO of Avanzato Home.

Avanzato Home’s goal is to help the client create a unique space with its curated selection of luxury home items. This collection represents the best of both locally sourced pieces and international finds.

So, whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or something in between, you are certain to find the perfect accessory with Avanzato Home.




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