Biscuit Vase Large E
Biscuit Vase Large E
Biscuit Vase Large E

Biscuit Vase Large E

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Biscuit porcelain, shimmering spaces and chromatic reliefs radiating over the porcelain’s graven white. Lines of gold and quicksilver run one another while composing snow-white and carved surfaces, then melt and synthesize themselves round sinuousness and changing volume. 

Pure shapes and graphic decorations, synonyms with royalty and perfection – to celebrate the alchemy of the domestic environments. Unceasing care to detail, desire to impress, ambivalence of a series of products manipulated in order to tell centuries-old techniques using a contemporary language.

FOS creates objects to collect that don’t pass unnoticed, for those who are obsessed with beauty, but not for everyone. Each piece is unique, the result of a constant balance between art, craft and design.

Characteristics: Biscuit porcelain. Pieces are sold separately.

Height: 22.04” 
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