Silver Oyster Salt Set
Silver Oyster Salt Set

Silver Oyster Salt Set

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With its "Oyster" salt set, Robbe und Berking has created a gourmet set for special occasions. The set comprises of a Sylt oyster with a coating of silver plate on the outside and of gilt on the inside, together with a small salt spoon, a little glass tube full of sea salt from Sylt, a booklet as well as a wooden board made of bog oak. 
Designer of  the salt oyster,  Alexandro Pape, the star cook and chef de cuisine at the Hotel Fährhaus Sylt. The salt for the exclusive gourmet set comes from Alexandro Pape’s own sea salt manufactory. His salt has a full-bodied, but also pleasantly mild taste, a crispy texture and is a wholly natural product. A real oyster from the Sylt mudflats was used as a model for the star cook’s oyster set. 

Of course, it is not only Alexandro Pape’s Sylt sea salt that looks good when put in the small oyster. This little gem brings a touch of Sylt to every table. The precious and high-quality shell makes a wonderful present for connoisseurs of this gourmet delight.Consists on one oyster, one Riva spoon, sea salt and wooden tray. 

Length11" | Width: 3" | Height: 2.4" | Handmade in Germany | Free Shipping 

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